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Vampire: Bloodthirsty Revenger

Vampires from Netherwind Fort are proficient in controlling their strength and casting spells, and are competent for different situations thanks to their strong healing ability and various single enhancements. Just because of their excellent assisting ability and massive damage, they play an indispensable role in a group.

Available Armor/Weapon:

Common Equipment: Equipment for assassins and mages

Weapon: Claws

Special Skill: Counter Hit

Vampires have a chance to deal damage to the opponent when being attacked.

Warrior: King of Power

According to legend, warriors have extremely strong vitality. Equipped with a giant sword and heavy armor, they are capable of using various types of melee skills and have high defense abilities. Although they cannot deal the highest damage to their opponents, they will definitely inflict mighty damage. They more often than not, step forward to the front and absorb most damage dealt by their opponents.

Most used weapons: sword, shield

Talents: boost themselves, weaken enemies

Mage: Controller of Magic

Mages are adapted at using magic and focused on casting magic damage on their enemies. They are excellent at launching long range attacks. Mages are able to severely damage enemies before the enemies launch their attack. Covered by warriors, they can give a deadly blow to their opponents.

Most used weapons: staff, magic book

Talents: thunder spell, fire spell

Assassin: Nimble Knight Errant

Assassins attack enemies in a swift and accurate way. They are nimble and great-hearted. Even when enemies make a quick attack, assassins can easily dodge from attack. In the battlefield, they have the ability to hamper their opponents, which makes them a valuable part of the adventure team.

Most used weapon: Dagger

Talents: Boost attack, use poison