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Promotion System

Every player in Dragon’s Call is deemed as a successor who can obtain corresponding rewards by inviting friends or promoting the game to make other players register and play the game through your promotional URL. Besides, the successor has the priority to invite your invited players to be your apprentices.

You can access the promotion system through the “Social” tab on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, as shown below:

Every player will be defaulted as a successor. Once you enter the promotion system interface, you’ll be free to manage your promotional content, as shown below:

Two methods are available for you to invite new successors by promotion:

The first method: after becoming a successor, click the “Copy to Promote” button to get the promotional URL which contains the promoter’s nickname. New players who register through your promotional URL will become your beneficiaries automatically.

The second method: after new players register on the homepage of Dragon’s Call official site, as long as they fill in a promoter’s nickname when creating a character, they will become the promoter’s beneficiaries automatically, as shown below:

No matter which method you select to become a beneficiary, you’ll receive a system mail prompting that you can claim your beneficiary rewards.

Each beneficiary can only bring a reward to his/her successor once, and the reward will vary with the beneficiary’s level and the successor can decide when to claim the reward freely. In addition, when the successor reaches level 50 and applies for becoming a mentor, he/she can invite the beneficiary to become his/her apprentice through the button behind the beneficiary’s nickname.