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Combine Magic Formation

The Combine Magic Formation system has been warmly welcomed by our players since its release. Recently, we have made some modifications to the system based on players’ suggestions just in order to bring you more convenient and relaxing gaming experiences. The modifications are shown below:

1.Removed "Spirit Core"
Only the Magic Scroll is needed now.

The Improved Interface

The steps for combining the magic formation are modified as:
a.Put the Magic Scroll into the middle slot
b.Click "Generate"
c.The scroll disappears and items will be automatically refreshed
d.Choose an item (add gems or dragonshards in the bottom slots to increase your chance of getting the item you choose) and click "Start Magic Formation"
e.Combine successfully

2."Magic Scroll I" will bring the same possibility as other items in the course of divining.

3.Adjusted Item Color
After combining successfully, the name of the item you get from the magic formation at the lower left will be shown in golden instead of green.

The enticing new feature of Dragon's Call - Combine Magic Formation is live now. Although the highly anticipated new expansion Sacred Wings is not yet released, a series of new features seem to have foretold the drastic updates it may bring in. Combine Magic Formation is the first piece of flavor cheese cake for players. It is said that its huge rewards and luck elements will surely bring them amazing thrills. Just like the branch backstory of Sacred Wings mentioned - Only the God of Freedom knows the amount of the huge mysterious power underneath this Formation. Though it had partly destroyed by those ugly dark offenders before the StilLand History, the Magic Formation is still known as the power origin of Wind Pursuers.