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In-game Items

In-game Items

Items are classified into four categories: Character Equipment, Potion, Accessory Items and Quest Items.

1. Character Equipment:

Character equipment include weapon, armor and jewelry

Weapon: Sword, Staff, Mage's Book and Dagger

Armor: Shield, Arm Guards, Boots, Leg Guards, Helmet and Suit

Jewelry: Ring and Necklace

There are 10 main slots for character equipment. These are helmet, gloves, necklace, pants, chestpiece, boots, main weapon, off-hand item and 2 slots for rings. Two special slots are for badges (mainly acquired thru Combine Magic Formation) and wings (mainly acquired thru Tournament).

2. Potion

Potion includes healing potion and stat boosting potion.

3. Upgrade Items

Lucky Gems are used to refine your items.

Dragonshards are used to purify your items.

Soul Stones are used to inject Soul Power to your items.

Runes are used to embed some specific magical properties to your items with open sockets.

4. Quest Items

Quest items are used to complete quests.

Item Quality:

Item quality is represented by colors in the following way from low level to high level: Common (White) < Advanced (Green) < Rare (Blue) < Epic (Purple) < Legendary (Orange) < Myth (Dark Golden) < Sacrilege (Red)

Item Usage:

Character equipment can be directly used through dragging to appropriate slots. Right click on a potion and select "Use" to activate it.

Item Trade:

When you are in a store, you can drag an item from your inventory to a shelf to sell it. Or you can right click on a gear and select “Sell” to sell it anytime and anywhere. You can also go to your Character page and click “Bulk Sale”, select multiple items then “Confirm”. All items will be sold for a certain percentage of the original price.