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Crystal Origin

Bet Rules:
1. You can bet at any time during the opening time of each phase, but you cannot bet after the winning irrigator shows.
2. You are allowed to bet a maximum of 50 Energy Crystals in each bet activity. You can bet more than 1 Energy Crystal on a particular Energy Irrigator, or bet 10 Energy Crystals on different irrigators.
3. You can bet on 10 irrigators at most in each bet activity.

4. You can click the "Batch Bet "buttons (1, 3, 5, and 10) above the bet column to irrigate a corresponding batch amount of crystals into each irrigator.

5. You can right-click an irrigator to change the quantity of Energy Crystals you bet on it. One right-click leads to 1 fewer Energy Crystal.
6. Due rewards will be given to you automatically based on the quantity of Energy Crystals you bet on the winning irrigator.

Reward Rules:
1. You can check the winning irrigators after each phase.
2. When you hit the winning irrigator, you'll be rewarded with a corresponding amount of Dragon Gold in the proportion of 1:36 (the quantity of Energy Crystals you bet on the winning irrigator : the amount of Dragon Gold you'll receive).

3. You can claim due rewards in the "Claim Reward" interface at any time, and the claimed Dragon Gold will be directly credited into your present account.