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This time, the Sacred Wings expansion has brought brand new badges for all players. First, let’s get a preliminary understanding of badges from the game’s background story.

“Hanging in the clear sky, the blood-red setting sun spread its light on the whole continent, adding some solemnity and heroism to the endless war. “Ding”, a piercing noise suddenly flashed across the sky and then a bloodstained and lustrous badge fell into the hands of the fighter, who was the only survivor of this war. This badge is not from the Sky City, but the Magic Formation, the power source of all Wind Envoys. The one who obtains a badge is proved to have passed the great test of battle and have been selected by the Fortune God of Magic Formation. Only in this way can he win this badge exclusively for true heroes.”

Badges have the following characteristics and attributes. All players, the Magic Formation is going to open, please carefully read the info below and get fully prepared.

1. Badge
Attribute: Equipment
Slot: Badge
Type: Badge
Status: Bound
Description: a certification of heroes

Special Explanations:
a. Badges don’t have basic attributes, but will be added attribute bonuses depending on their prefix and suffix. The value and display way of the prefix and suffix are the same with the existing equipment system.
b. When a badge is produced, its prefix or suffix will be generated randomly. It is impossible for a badge to have a prefix and a suffix at the same time.
c. Badges cannot be refined or purified.
d. Badges are classified into three colors: blue, orange and red, which will appear in three Magic Formations of different levels.

2. Level
Similar to equipment, one badge will be added every 10 levels after Level 35.

3. Badge Source
In Sacred Wings, badges can only be combined in the Magic Formation.

a. In the Magic Formation Preview, a badge’s attributes will be displayed, but its prefix or suffix won’t be shown in tooltips.

b. If a badge is combined successfully, the system will randomly distribute prefix or suffix to it. Moreover, the badge’s attributes can be checked through tooltips in the view interface.