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Thanksgiving Canival

Since  the annual Thanksgiving Day is drawing near, all DC staff of EverDream Studio would like to extend our sincere thanks and best wishes to all of you. Thanks for your  persistent support to Dragon’s Call, and Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Toast for the Thanksgiving Day!

 [Event time]: EST 23:59 Nov. 21st -  EST 00:01 Nov. 29th, 2012.
 [Event Server]: all servers
 How to enter:
 Players reply to the thread with your thanksgiving wishes to your guildies or  fellow players ingame.
 Furthermore you can tell us why your choose them.
 Example reply as follow:
 Server Name: Server 1
 Ingame Name: Adamskydancer
 Thanksgiving Wish:
 To iceblue,
 I wish you hunt the biggest turkey this year!
 Winner Selection:
 DC official will randomly select 20 lucky winners from all the entries.
Every winners will gain one 1-Day VIP + 6-hours Exp Blessing.


- No  offensive content, no ripping or plagarism.
 - Please leave your in game name and server name along  with your entry.
 - Each  account can only receive reward once.


Thanksgiving Package for Early Bird

We will be having a Holiday discount sale for the  thanksgiving holidays, so take advanatage of the sale for great discounts  Don’t miss it!

[Event time]: EST  23:59 Nov. 21st - EST 00:01 Nov. 27th, 2012.

1.Magic Scroll Value Package(Be restricted  purchase once)
 Magic Scroll  I *2
 Magic Scroll II *2
 Magic Scroll III*2
 Original Price: 120 Dragon Gold
Discount Price: 1 Dragon Gold

2. Primary Magic Scroll Package(85% Discount)

Magic  Scroll I *2
 Magic Scroll II *2
 Magic Scroll III*2
 Original Price: 120 Dragon Gold
 Discount Price: 19 Dragon Gold

3. Junior Magic Scroll Package(87% Discount)

Magic Scroll I *3
 Magic Scroll II *3
 Magic Scroll III*3

 Original Price: 180 Dragon Gold
Discount Price: 25 Dragon Gold

4. Senior Magic Scroll Package(90% Discount)

Magic  Scroll I *9
 Magic Scroll II *9
 Magic Scroll III*9
 Original Price: 540 Dragon Gold
 Discount Price: 59 Dragon Gold

Crystal Origin  Carnival

Thanksgiving  is here and this is a special time to show gratitude for all that one is  thankful for. In Dragon's call, our dear fellow players are whom we would like  to thank the most! Putting words into concrete action, we have prepared Crystal  Event for all players.

[Event time]: EST 23:59 Nov. 21st - EST 00:01 Nov. 26th,  2012.
[Event Server]: all servers

[Detail] During event, All level 30+ players  can claim their Thanksgiving Package which contain crystal*30 once. Reply  to the post in the forum, write down your server and in-game name and the  screenshot as below. You’ll be possible become the only one Jackpot and win Crystal * 100, Magic  Scroll I * 10 Magic Scroll II * 5. Furthermore, you will enjoy  win Dragon Gold with 1:45.

So, what are you waiting for?  Hurry up to infuse magical energy into your common crystals and earn fabulous  wealth!

Now access to the game, connect with the new fun!

For detailed rules of Crystal Origin, drop by here.

Note: We will choose one Jackpot from  each server, that means there will have 6 winners for all servers.

S1/2-Link to
 S3/4-Link to
 S5/8-Link to
 S6/7-Link to
 S9-Link to
S10-Link to

Good luck to everyone who takes part in these events!

Please tie your account! GO (5s)