2011 Welcome Back Event

From: EverDream Studio Editor: Soon Jan 05 2011 07:49:00

To welcome all of the new and old players on our servers, Dragon's Call is hosting an welcome back event to all of you.

Event Time:EST Jan 7th 2:00 AM – Jan 21th 2:00 AM, 2011

Event Server:All servers

I. Welcome Back Gift Pack
During the event time, players may get 1 Welcome Back Gift Pack per day from Gift page ingame, all packs will be disappeared at EST 24:00 in the last day Jan 10th, please redeem it in time.
(Welcome Back Pack 1.7) VIP *1, AP *30, ExpBlessing *2
(Welcome Back Pack 1.8) VIP *1, AP *30, ExpBlessing *2
(Welcome Back Pack 1.9) VIP *1, AP *30,Magic Scroll III, ExpBlessing *2

II. Special Welcome Back Package
Have you been a bit away from Dragon's Call? But,Dragon's Call is still with you, and waiting for you. We have Special Welcome Back Package for you to come back!
Users who haven't accessed their account from 23th Dec 2010 to 3rd Jan 2011, will be able to receive the Special Welcome Back Package through event NPC ingame.
The package will be given by ten times, which means you can claim 50 AP and 20110 Exp from Event NPC every day you login the game.

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